The Transfiguration of the Commonspace

"Picasso, after reading from a sketchbook containing poems in Spanish says to me: “Poetry - but everything you find in these poems one can also find in my paintings. So many painters today have forgotten poetry in their paintings - and it’s the most important thing: poetry”. (Picasso On Art - A Selection of Views, Dore Ashton)

So it follows that a space, if it aspires to be a work of art should be poetic. Infusing a space with poetry does not have to be an extravagant concept, but, to the contrary, it should be indispensable.  This is something that an interiorist must be adept to. A flower or nature motif, an image on the wallpaper, a painting or sculpture piece, the color scheme - all these should always rhyme. And reason. In other words, the interiorist needs to be a poet, a transfigurer of the commonspace.

painting by Rodrigo Palacios with a chair upholstered in hand painted fabrics